NRLHF Board of Directors and Delegates

Dan Duhamel – Chairman
Corps of Discovery Delegate
724-947-4931, [email protected]

Robert Dunne – Vice Chairman
NEPR Delegate
207-399-3018, [email protected]

Melissa Adams – Secretary
EPR Delegate
937-773-8085, [email protected]

Boyd Houy
EPR Delegate
412-877-3226, [email protected]

Gary Flegel
ONW Delegate
330-421-7451, [email protected]

Karen Fuller
NEPR Delegate
607-220-3324, [email protected]

Greg Bagshaw
SEPR Delegate – Public Relations Director
336-492-5137, [email protected]

Robert Woody
SEPR Delegate
[email protected]

Non-Voting Staff

Mark Adamik,Jr. – Parliamentarian
440-465-9246, [email protected]

Andrew Huey – Treasurer
937-935-4461, [email protected]

Directors representing the NMLRA

Jim Fulmer
[email protected]

Jerry Middendorf
[email protected]

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Corps of Discovery
May 16 – 19, 2019
85 Township Rd. 130, Toronto, OH 43964
Contact: Russell Buck
814-392-2394, [email protected]

Old Northwest Primitive Rendezvous
To be anounced

25th Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous
July 12 – 19, 2019
701 Herrick Rd, Pawlett, VT
Contact: Sarah Fisher
802-468-4730, [email protected]

43rd Eastern Primitive Rendezvous
September 20 – 28, 2019
2911 Stoney Run Rd, Sugar Grove, PA
Contact: Vennie Hotchkiss
814-706-9169, [email protected]

38th Southeastern Primitive Rendezvous
October 18-25, 2019
297 Reavis Road, Yadkinville, NC
Contact: Bleu Reavis
336-486-9355, [email protected]