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Welcome to the world of Longhunter
Hunting with a muzzleloading gun is a magical experience. It takes the exhilarating sport of hunting one step further by combining the one-shot challenge of muzzleloading hunting with the nostalgic awareness that it has been done this way for well over 250 years.
The Longhunter was formed in 1988 by the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association to promote muzzleloading hunting throughout North America. It brings deserved recognition to hunters who have chosen to pursue North American big game with the type of guns used by their forefathers. The Longhunter recognizes the increased challenge accepted by muzzleloading hunters who abide by stated fair chase standards. The Longhunter also honors the trophy animals taken with muzzleloading guns. The Longhunter fully supports the conservation of all North American Wildlife. Continuing effort to preserve habitat and manage wildlife resources is crucial to the preservation of our sport.
For all information concerning Longhunter contact the office at (812) 667-5131

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For more information contact the NMLRA office (812)667-5131.


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