Charter Club

Would you like to have your club chartered with the NMLRA?:

Contact NMLRA at: P.O. Box 67, Friendship, IN 47021 (812) 667-5131 Ext. 226; Click Lora’s Email: [email protected]


For more information about a club or its shooting dates, call or write the contact person listed for the club in question.


Charter Club Maching Grants.  The NMLRA sponsors a grant program to assist Charter Clubs with various projects and activities.

Reduced Price on Advertising.

If your Charter Club hosts an invitational shoot or an open shoot, the informational shoot ad in MUZZLE BLASTS is published at half price. A Thank You ad acknowledging your appreciation to dealers, services, etc., are full priced ads.

Free Listing.

Once a year the names, addresses, phone numbers of contact persons, and your Clubs name will be published in MUZZLE BLASTS. Charter Club Shoot Dates will be published free of charge every two months.

Access to Information.

The office at the NMLRA Headquarters in Friendship, Indiana is the focal point for all information, expertise, and service data on muzzleloading. Charter Clubs are encouraged to call for any sort of help they might require at any time.

Territorial Match Host.

Charter Clubs are encouraged to host the NMLRA TERRITORIALS and are given first consideration when there are non-chartered clubs in contention.

Individual Membership.

The Charter Club may retain $5.00 for their Charter Club and remit $45.00 to the NMLRA for a single year’s membership for the club members.

Charter Club Discount.

Charter Clubs may deduct 10% from their target order when purchasing same through the NMLRA.