Rifle & Pistol

April 11-14, 2019

Sponsor Club: Ft. Osage Muzzle Loaders

Match Director: Jim Thorp
Phone – 660-232-4944
Email – [email protected]

Alternate Contacts: Richard Brinkman [email protected], Park A. Wood [email protected]

Range location: 1637 N.W. 550th Rd. Kingsville, MO. 64061

Aggregates to be included on the Match Program:
Offhand                        Flintlock                           Bench                             Musket
One-Gun                      Cross-Stick                       Ladies                            Junior
Pistol                             Sub-Junior                       Hunter’s                       Sighted Smoothbore
Ladies Offhand           Smoothbore                      Intermediate               Unlimited Longhunter
Ladies Hunter’s          Light Bench                      Ladies Pistol                 Youth Hunter’s
Revolver                       Inline Bench Open          Inline Bench Scoped
Primitive (includes Mountain Man) plus Hawken, Free Trapper, Rifle Frolic



October 18-20, 2019

Sponsor Club: Lentz Macon 63 Gun Club, LLC

Match Director: Linda Yeubanks
Phone – 660-385-4963
Email – [email protected]

Range location: Lentz Macon 63 Gun Club, 29790 Jigsaw Pl., Macon, MO. 63552

Matches to be included in Program:

Trap                             Skeet                              Ladies Trap
Ladies Skeet              Flintlock Trap               Flintlock Skeet