May 31-June 2, 2019

Sponsor Club: Grant Valley Cap ‘n’ Ballers

Match Director: Ron Fernwalt
Phone – 616-836-5760
Email – [email protected]

Range location: 3506 26th St. Hopkins, MI 49328

Trap                                        Skeet
Ladies Trap                           Ladies Skeet
Flintlock Trap                       Flintlock Skeet


Rifle & Pistol

August 16-18, 2019

Sponsor Club: Tobacco River Muzzle Loaders

Match Director: Cari Jefferson
Phone – 301-256-7784
Email – [email protected]

Range location: Beaverton, MI

Aggregates to be included on the Match Program:

Offhand                         Flintlock                      Bench                       Ladies
One-Gun                       Cross-Stick                  Junior                      Pistol
Sub-Junior                   Hunter’s                       Smoothbore            Sighted Smoothbore
Ladies Offhand            Intermediate               Light Bench            Ladies Hunter’s
Ladies Pistol                 Youth Hunter’s           Revolver                  Unlimited Longhunter