Pistol & Rifle

June 20-24, 2019

Sponsor Club: AK State Muzzleloaders Assoc. and McKinley Mountain Men Muzzle Loading Rifle Club

Match Director: Robert Bargewell
Phone – 907-376-1079
Email – [email protected]

Range location: Fort Wick, off Yoder Road, near Talkeetna, AK

Aggregates to be included on the Match Program include:
Offhand                        One-Gun                    Primitive                          Hunter’s
Ladies Offhand           Intermediate             Light Bench                     Revolver
Flintlock                       Cross-Stick                Sighted Smoothbore      Smoothbore
Ladies Hunter’s          Ladies Pistol              Inline Bench Open         Musket
Junior                           Sub-Junior                Cartridge                          Unlimited Longhunter
Youth Hunter’s           Bench                          Ladies                               Pistol
Inline Bench Scoped