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Camping Rules and Rates

Walter M. Cline Range, Friendship, Indiana

Camping Contact Person: Brenda Hooton – 812-667-5131 ext 223

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The National Spring Shoot will be held June 11-19, 2016 and the National Championship Shoot will be held September 10-18, 2016. The annual membership meeting will also be held during the Championship Shoot in September.

Retaining Campsites – If you wish to retain the campsite you held the previous NMLRA National Shoot, you must send the full combined fee of $450.00 for both National Spring Shoot and the National Championship Shoot. This pays for the reservation of the campsite for both shoots. For the National Championship Shoot ONLY, the fee is $225.00. Campsites may not be retained exclusively for the National Spring Shoot. Reservations may be made starting October 1, 2015 and the deadline for retaining a campsite and trailer lease (if applicable) is February 28, 2016. If you do not receive your confirmation by February 28, 2016, please call 1-812-667-5131 ext. 223 to confirm we have received your payment.

If you miss three consecutive shoots (June and September Nationals) you may not retain your campsite.

Reserving Unretained Campsites – Unretained campsites are not assigned until after March 31. Please designate the area desired, size of camping unit, and shooting range interest. Fees are as follows: $25.00 per night per site (electric only). Full hookup $35.00 per night per site. (For up to 6 adults per site.)


Revised Edition October 2010

    1. REGISTRATION – The head of each immediate family or group, or any other individual must be a member in good standing of the NMLRA, and must register with the Campground Attendant.
    2. CAMP FEES – must be paid for each camping unit occupying campsites. The established rules and regulations will govern your conduct on the Walter Cline Range camp ground. YOUR PERMIT MAY BE REVOKED for violations of any of the rules and regulations. NO REFUNDS.
    3. FEE – is collected in full for each site occupied. Fees are set by the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association.
    4. CAMPSITE – reserved campsites taken on pre-reservation basis after MUZZLE BLASTS publishes the date.
    5. CAMPING – permitted only on established campground or in emergency designated areas.
    6. SUBLEASING – of sites, tents, trailer and “skip occupancy” prohibited.
    7. CAMPSITES – must be cleaned daily and waste deposited in provided containers. Please wrap garbage and place in the nearest dumpster.
    8. NO PETS – permitted on NMLRA grounds, during June and September Championship Shoots.
    9. QUIET HOURS10:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m. Playground off limits to anyone during these hours.
    10. NMLRA – is not responsible for any camping gear.
    11. BEHAVIORMust act with responsible behavior. Public intoxication, under the influence of drugs, fighting or excessive foul language will not be tolerated.
    12. ALTERATIONS TO GROUNDS – Absolutely no alterations are to be made to the grounds or to the campsite (Walter Cline Range) without prior written approval of the camping committee. This includes, but is not limited to, alterations to the service poles, breaker boxes, and burial of electrical conduit or wiring, addition of gravel, drainpipes, railroad ties, decks and out buildings. Under no circumstances will any electrical work be done except by the Electrician of the NMLRA. Anyone violating this rule may be removed from the grounds.
    13. FIREWORKSprohibited at all times.
    14. BARN & EDUCATION BUILDINGS – off limits to everyone except during scheduled programs.
    15. NO COMMERCIAL EXHIBITS – permitted in camping areas.
    16. WASTE DISPOSAL – grey or black water waste to be disposed of at the dumping station or held in your holding tank except in the Frontier Heritage Campground where sewer is provided. This is also a State Campground rule in addition to the rules of the Health Department. Action will be taken immediately if grey or black water is discharged inappropriately.
    17. FIREARMS – the discharge of firearms, muzzleloaders, or air propelled projectiles, the throwing of knives or hawks and archery is expressly prohibited except in designated areas.
    18. NO FIREWOOD FURNISHED – cutting of trees, shrubs and growing plants is prohibited. Contact the Camp Shack for information on where to buy firewood. No firewood may be transported from another state or restricted areas due to Emerald Ash Borer.
    19. BATHHOUSES – please note: Maintenance Staff will begin closing all bathhouses except the stone bathhouse and the bunker in primitive on or after October 1. They will be reopened approximately April 1. These dates are subject to change due to extreme cold weather.
    20. Washing of vehicles, campers & RV’s is to be with bucket only. No washing of aforementioned from Friday prior to the shoot to the last Sunday of the shoot (Approved 9/14/10).
    21. All units on campsites must be unplugged when camper leaves. There is to be no electric plugged in when no one is occupying campsite (Approved 9/14/10).
    22. 22. Satellite Dishes and Antennas – are not allowed on NMLRA post or put on a post separate in the ground. They must either be on a tripod or attached to your trailer (Approved 6/14/11).

Revised 11/2/10

Rules and Regulations

Primitive Camping Rules

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