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Bob Copner, 1 of 1000 Chairman
 The 1 of 1000 Program is the permanent endowment program of the NMLRA. The program was conceived and promoted by the late past president Merrill P. Deer. The concept is to create a $1,000,000 endowment to support the long-term financial stability of the Association and the muzzleloading sport that we love.

 This is how it works. Each member who joins the 1 of 1000 Program donates $1000 (or more) in a lump sum, or with an initial payment of $250 and the balance paid within three years, on a schedule of the donor’s choice. We have two new, and I believe exciting, optional ways for people to become members of the 1 of 1000. One way is the 1 of 1000 Automatic Payment Authorization Plan. Under this plan an individual can join the 1 of 1000 for as little as $27.78 down if they agree to have the same amount automatically debited monthly from their checking or savings account on the 15th of each month. A second, optional way to join, is to use a credit card for the monthly deductions instead of a checking or savings account. These two optional payment methods should help those who prefer not to start with a pledge payment of at least $250.00. Donors who choose one of these optional payment methods will have a place in the program reserved for them until the pledge is paid in full. Particaption is limited to the first 1000 members.

The donation will be placed in the permanently restricted endowment fund of the NMLRA. The principal will remain in the endowment, and can be used only to generate interest or to purchase a permanent asset such as land. The principal can never be used for the general operation of the Association. Also, the Board of Directors have voted that no more than 75% of the interest can be spent. The interest earned produces income for the new and innovative programs that help ensure the long-term viability of the organization and help it to prosper.


2016 1 of 1000 powder horn by R. Cadle

 Support the NMLRA
 Earn a Tax Deduction
 Honor a Special Person
 Join at a Discount
 Receive Recognition
 Win a custom Powder Horn 

The NMLRA is a non-profit educational organization with a 501(c) 3 tax exemption from the IRS. Donations to the NMLRA such as membership in the 1 of 1000 Program are Tax Deductible to the full extent of the law.

The opportunity for membership in the 1 of 1000 Program is an excellent way for all of us to support the association. Considerations: join yourself; join with your spouse, $1000 each; honor a special person, friend, or family member, deceased or living; join as a muzzleloading club or business.

 All of us like a bargain. It may be possible for you to join the 1 of 1000 Program at a substantial discount. If your employer provides a matching funds program for tax-exempt organizations, apply for it. For example, if your employer matches fifty cents on the dollar, your donation of $667 plus your employer’s match of $333 pays your membership. A dollar-for dollar match would pay half of your membership cost.

Participants in this program will each receive a personalized certificate and a sterling silver pin recognizing their contribution to the Association’s financial security. Effective June 15, 2009 all new 1 of 1000 members will also receive a FREE David Wright, signed and numbered, limited edition print entitled “The Spirit of America” while supplies last. Shipping, if required, will cost the member $22. All 1 of 1000 members and one club member from each 1 of 1000 member club are also invited to participate in a special match, created to recognize this important program and the members who have made this commitment to the NMLRA’s future. The match consists of one shot each at a unique, covered target, at twenty-five yards on the offhand line. The match is scheduled immediately following the opening ceremonies at the National Championship Shoot in September. The match, same rules, is also shot at the Western National Shoot. The match winners will have their names added to the 1 of 1000 Match plaques in the clubhouse.

As previously announced, H. David Wright, artist of the American Frontier and NMLRA Life Member, at no cost to the NMLRA, was commissioned to create a painting to be used support of the 1 of 1000 Endowment Program. A large canvas giclee of this painting serves as the visual focal point for the permanent display of the names of the 1 of 1000 Endowment members. The painting and list of names are on permanent display in the Education Building. WILL YOUR NAME BE ON THE LIST?

I strongly encourage all NMLRA members who are able, to seriously consider becoming one of “Members” of the 1 of 1000 Program. When you do, you will support the NMLRA endowment, thereby helping to protect the future of muzzleloading; earn a tax deduction; honor yourself or a special person, possibly join at a discount, receive recognition; and have a chance to win a custom powder horn.