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Muzzle Blasts

Muzzle Blasts is published monthly by the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. 

For information on submitting articles, advertising rates, magazine mechanicals, and so forth, send for free brochure to NMLRA, P.O. Box 67, Friendship, IN 47021, or call (812) 667-5131.

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Lee A. Larkin-From the Editor’s Desk
Alan Garbers-Web Blasts & Jr. Blasts
John Curry-Wilderness Writings
Joe Hill-President’s Message
J.R. Absher-NMLRA Legislative Watch
Linda Fulmer-Cooking Up a Taste of Rendezvous
Al RaychardMuzzleloading Afield
James FulmerBeyond Friendship
Sarah Rittgers-Sighting In
James WhiskerNotable Antique Firearms
Mike LumaPistol Shots II


Lee A. Larkin, Editor
Carrie Bruce, co-ordinator
Lindsey Brown, Secretary