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NMLRA Instructor Class

NMLRA 2016 Instructor Class – NMLRA Education Bldg., Friendship, IN

For eligibility to become a NMLRA Instructor you must
* Complete the NMLRA Basic Course;
* Submit an instructor application with required fee;
* Successfully complete the instructor course class work and live-fire practicum.

NMLRA Instructor Class flyer    

Wednesday, Sept. 7 through Friday, Sept. 9, 2016

Class fee is $125 for NMLRA members and $200 for non-members.

The Instructor Course –  from 8a.m. – ?
The Instructor Course is a hands-on live-fire muzzleloading rifle, pistol (including revolver) and shotgun course to prepare those interested in teaching the Basic Course.

Class starts at 8:00 am with an introduction, pretest and prequal on the range with rifle, revolver and shotgun. If the candidate passes the Basic test and the range prequal, he(she) will move on to the next phase of training.

Next phase is the Basic Instructor Training (BIT) (six hours) plus the Instructor Exam. The final phase is 12.5 hours of training on how to teach the Basic Class followed by the Muzzleloading Instructor Exam. Plan on long days – we may have to run past 5 or 6 o’clock on some days to finish (depending on number of students).

Those who successfully complete the course qualify as an:
Instructor: if 21 years old and a score of at least 90%.

Assistant: if 18 years old and a score of at least 85%. Assistants aid instructors while learning additional teaching skills and gaining experience.
Apprentice: if a mature 13-17 year old, a score of at least 85% and has received parental consent. Apprentices serve in an understudy role with an instructor.

For more details about the NMLRA Education Program, please click here.