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18th Century Rifle Frolic and Muzzleloading Shoot
October 6-8, 2017

There will be shooting for all types of muzzleloaders at this event. Some matches may require period dress and equipment as noted.

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For the 18th Century Rifle Frolic you will shoot various woodswalks and compete with smoothbore, pistol,  knife, hawk, and fire starting. There will be contests of both skill and knowledge. There will be woodswalks for both flintlock and percussion, modern and primitive dress. Several events are flintlock only, pre-1840 period dress and equipment required.  Only shooters dressed in proper period clothing will be allowed on this range for these matches. Range officer say is final.

The featured match will be fired on Saturday, October 7th, 8:00 am. until 11:00 am. The woodswalk will be shut down at this time for these matches.

This match recreates events from the Battle of New Orleans. This match will recreate the shooting skills of Lt. Ephriam McLean Brank of Greenville, Kentucky. He is said to have fired on the British Staff officers during the assault. He fired at 260 yards, 200 yards, 140 yards and 80 yards with all shots hitting their intended target while he was standing and shooting offhand from the American Breastworks. This match will be four shots, (one at each distance), offhand from a standing position. Period dress and flintlock only, loading out of the bag is required.

This year there will be an archery course and knife and tomahawk matches. New this year : Matches for Re-Curve and Compound Bows. So bring all of your gear. Some matches will require period dress.

Line Shooting
On the line shooting side there will be shooting for all muzzleloading firearm types. There will be daily prizes for offhand, trade gun, traditional pistol, cross-sticks, table match, novelty, and in-line rifle categories.

There is a 14 lb. weight limit on cross-sticks matches

Offhand Championship – (Combined aggregate score novelty and one paper target)

Primitive Archery – There will be a three-D archery woodswalk.

All NMLRA rules apply unless otherwise posted.

Shooting hours for the line shooting:
Friday 9 am to 4 pm
Saturday 9 am to 4 pm
Sunday 9 am to 1 pm
Times for Woodswalks and other primitive matches will be posted on site.

Camping with shooting is $45 per person for the weekend.
Primitive and modern RV/tent camping available at the Altoona Rifle & Pistol Club.

Junior Registration (under 16) – $1 includes shooting and camping fees.
Junior campers must be accompanied by an adult.
Shooting fee for shooters who are not camping are $15 a day; $30 for the weekend.
(Vendors may participate in the shoot by paying an additional $15 shooting fee for the weekend)

Shooting fees allow you to shoot in all matches you are eligible to compete in. Keep in mind some events have restrictions such as shooting flintlock only, wearing appropriate period attire, and require loading out of bag.