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What is an NMLRA Territorial?

 To answer that question simply, a territorial is the NMLRA’s outreach program to bring competitive shooting to its members locally. Let’s face it: not everyone can make it to Friendship. This doesn’t mean you have to be shooting the center out of all your targets to participate. Even the best shooter has been known to pull a shot out into the white on a target. Territorial match directors and competitors alike welcome new shooters to participate in the territorial program. Nowhere else does the statement the more the merrier ring true. Don’t be intimidated by the word competitive or competition; really, we’re all a bunch of blackpowder enthusiasts looking to have a good time and shoot a respectable score – a score that can withstand the good-natured ribbing that is bound to happen around the campfire at the end of the day.  I encourage anyone who is curious about the territorial program to contact me, a match director, or field representative in their area to find out more. ~ Loretta Cruz, NMLRA Territorial Coordinator

 Want to hold a Territorial Match in your state?

Contact: Loretta Cruz, 493 River Rd., South Royalton, VT 05068 802-763-7397

2017 Dates

  Vermont 2017  

2016 Dates

2016 Territorial Top Gun Report

Click here for a printable 2016 Territorial Schedule

Alabama 2016 Alaska 2016 California 2016
Colorado 2016 Georgia 2016
Idaho 2016 Illinois 2016 Indiana 2016
Iowa 2016 Kentucky 2016

Maine 2016
Michigan 2016 Minnesota 2016 Missouri 2016
Nebraska 2016 New Hampshire 2016  
North Carolina 2016   Oregon 2016
Pennsylvania 2016 Vermont 2016 West Virginia 2016

Click here for the 2016 Territorial match descriptions


2015 results, 2016 article updated

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