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Commercial Row Vendors

Commercial Row Vendors– September

A8-A9              2 Buck Traders, Ed Anderson & Barb Neece – knives, Indian bead work, artwork, muzzleloading guns

11 & 26-28      Ackermann & Co., Phil Ackermann

31                       Anderson, Danny – antique and custom muzzleloaders & books

B1                       Beaver Bill Forging Works, Bill Keeler – 18th century edge weapons, tomahawks, knives, all hand forged, folding handle skillets & war clubs

118                    Bevel Brothers Trade Co., Lowell & Joel Gard

98                      Blue Lion Coffee – Coffee, loose leaf teas, and walking sticks

B5                      Boitnott, Willy – Gun and parts repair

18                      Buffalo Spirit, Sue (White Smoke) DeLille – buckskins, beadwork, quillwork, moosehair embroidery

C10                   Cash Manufacturing (Scott Pobjoy & Tedd Cash) – Shooting Supplies: cappers, nipple wrenches and Building Supplies: patchboxes, ramrod pipes, front sights and more.

C5                     Chambers, Jim-Flintlocks, Chambers & Buckeye Barrels– rifle kits, finished rifles, pistol

kits, locks, hardware, oils & finishes

C6                     Crawford, Jerry

A2                    Dixie Gun Works – muzzleloaders, supplies, Civil War

108-109        Doc’s Rifles, Michael Rausch & Dick Chubb – 17th, 18th, 19th century sporting & military arms, custom contemporary muzzleloading rifles & shotguns, related accoutrements

60-62             Dunlap Woodcrafts, Wayne Dunlap – muzzleloading accoutrements, wood stocks

B8B-9             Ewing, Marty

1-2                   Flathead/Three Rivers Trading Post, Pat Hartless – American Indian beadwork, Navaho &

Zuni jewelry, craft beads & books

3-6  & 19-21 Flintlocks, Eder’s – lead balls, precut patches, inlays, locks, moulds, ticking,

powder horns, schrimshaw, ivory, pouches, hawks, powder measures, sinew, ramrods & leather

47-51             Gary’s Gunsmith Shop, Gary & Darlene Nebel – muzzleloaders, accoutrements, leather goods

22-23             Gifford, Mark and Connie

C8                    Goehring, Reaves – antique gun parts, reproduction 18th century bullet molds, tomahawk castings

111                  Grunkemeyer, Randy – gunsmithing, restorations, custom rifles & accessories

119-120        Gusler, Wallace & Eve Otmar– gunbuilder, clothing

52-53             H & B Forge, Jarrod & Mary Barber– muzzleloading accoutrements, tomahawks, throwing                             knives, hunting frocks, belts, sheaths, leather goods

85-86             Harrison, E.T. – muzzleloaders, bags, horns, clothes, scrimshaw, jewelry, books, furs/hides

B4                    Hite, Ron

B8A                 Holland, Jim

A3                   Howard, Bob

33-34            Jacobi, Angela – Jewelry; bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, purses, barrettes,

bottles & books

29-30            Johnson, Curt & Marilyn – books relating to American Longrifles, original muzzleloading

firearms & misc. other related items

A4                  Karns, Preston

14-17            Kenockee Tradin’ Post LLC, Judy & Anson Morgan – historically correct 18th century clothing, patterns,  engraving supplies, ramrod’s & loading accessories, Thompson Center & Traditions distributor, jags, muzzleloaders & accoutrements

24-25           Killelea, Kevin & Marsha – scrimshaw powder horns, mastodon scenes, 18th & 19th century antiquities & accoutrements

l112                 Klein, James – custom Kentucky rifles, maple stock blanks

66                    Landram, Larry – antique muzzleloaders, pre- Civil War books, muzzleloading & primitive accessories

A7                   Lange, Mike – bargain priced custom muzzleloaders, specializing in kids guns

103-104        Lea, Michael & Daughter – ramrod tools, schuetzen targets, blunderbuss kits, kid’s guns, gunsmithing supplies, & books

37-38             Leatherman, Gary Fatherree – leather possible bags, slings, belts, knives, forged tools

39-40             Lewis, Jack – antique guns, antique swords, period clothing

A1, 105-107 Log Cabin Shop, Dan Kindig – muzzleloaders, supplies

A6                   Logsdon, Nathaniel – Primitive items

69-70            Mallory Sporting Goods, Dave or Mike Mallory – muzzleloading supplies, balls, patches, etc.

7-8                 Mike’s Quality Black Powder Wads, Michael Eder – shotgun, cartridge, rifle & pistol wads, shotgun accessories, lead shot

122                 Miller, Michael & Kim – flintlock rifles, pistols & fowlers/American & European

82-84            Mims Knives, Wayne & Jaunice Mims – knives, handmade pens, elk antlers

87-89            NMLRA Merchandise & Target Booth

115-116         Netting, Ken – muzzleloaders, powder horns, knives

75-76             Nevling, Mark – handmade Damascus knives/exotic handle materials, handmade glass beads &


C3A                 Oder, Charles

A10                 Old Chillicothe Trading, Louise Stollings – beads, merchandise

B6                    Patterson, June – antiques, muzzleloading accoutrements, Indian relics

B3                    Pecatonica River, Richard Greensides – muzzleloading gunstocks, barrels, guns, related parts

B10                  Randy’s Muzzleloaders – locks, triggers, jags, scrappers, ball pullers, brass & steel furniture, barrels, stocks, etc.

35-36              R.E. Davis, Tim Tressel – locks, triggers, all rifle hardware, books, pipe tomahawk components, gunbuilding supplies, belt axe, handles, flints, colonial toys & tools

55-57              Red Rooster & Company, Steve & Marty Emminger – gun builder’s benches, baskets, lanterns, quilts, gun cases, candles, muzzleloaders, knives, copper cups, jewelry & much more

123-124          Rice Muzzle Loading Barrel Co., Jason – barrels

12-13               Rush Creek Round Ball, Tony Vance – muzzleloaders & accoutrements, roundballs, patches,

cowboy action hardcast pistol bullets & Loading components

C1                     S & S Muzzleloading Shop, Lester Salisbury – muzzleloaders and supplies

54                    Seymour, Art – Chevron beads, historical bottles, marbles & art glass

64                    Shepherd, Joshua – Scultpor

110                  Shooter’s Ear, Charles McElwee – custom hearing protection

113-114          Silver, Mark – traditional custom sporting arms

71-72             Sparks, Libby & Phillip – shooting supplies, tomakawks, knives, jewelry, handmade period

clothing, patterns, therapeutic essential oils, quilts & accessories

67-68             Stinson, Larry, silversmith – guns, jewelry & custom repair, parts, sights, mules & roosters

41-43, 58-59 Timberline Traders, Robert Moore – pre 1840 clothing/men, women, & children, jewelry,

patterns & accoutrements

80                    Wallingford, Charlie

44-45             Watson Knives, Billy Watson – handmade custom knives, guns, 18th Century accoutrements

jewelry and tall tales told

C9                   Werts, Terry – Muzzleloaders

B2                    White, Jeff – Knives

C4                   White, Steve – artist

C2                    Wyoming Armory- Alan Hoeweler

9-10                Yazel, Mike – Period furniture, hand forged hardware, paintings, yarn & wool roving

96                    York, Willy – Knives


Inside Main Gate

Renegade Products Co., Roger Needham – renegade whetstones, sharpening stones, handmade knives & sheaths

Lewis, T.R. – camp chairs, tools, antiques, gun parts & books

Morris, Eric – American made gun flints, fire strikers, flint knapping material & carving stone

Torres, Michelle – Powder Horms

Yazel, Mike – Demonstrator – Lathe work

Stonewall Creek Outfitters, Shannon & Troy Roope – muzzleloading parts & supplies


West of Commercial Row – Field Space

Webertown, Howard Kelley – gun barrels & wood finishes

Tip Curtis Frontier Shop, Tip Curtis – muzzleloading guns & shooting supplies

Stitchers’ Cabin, Tim & Sharon Milligan – some gun parts, period clothing, trade items

Marty III Claws, Martin Toth – knifemaker, leather goods, muzzleloading supplies, tables, chairs & stools

Smith, Everette – engraver

Armstrong, Butch

Davison, Donald – powder horns, knives, guns



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