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1 of 1000 Auction


We currently have 490+ members of the 1 of 1000 Endowment. Our goal is a total of 1,000 members, creating, an Endowment of $1million or more. This fund will contribute to the long-term financial stability and security of the NMLRA, and help insure the future of the muzzleloading heritage we all love.

DW drawing

H. David Wright

To help celebrate reaching our halfway point of 500 members and especially to draw attention to this milestone, we will be auctioning 1 of 1000 membership #500 to the highest bidder. The member with the winning bid will receive print #500 of “The Spirit of America,” especially remarqued by artist H. David Wright. David is also creating and donating an original, framed, pencil drawing valued at $ 2,000 to be awarded to the winner.

The auction will be conducted by the NMLRA office staff and will start September 12, 2015 and conclude November 15, 2015 at 8 pm EST. Bids may be made using the form below, online at or by phone 812-667-5131 by November 13, 2015 at 4pm EST. Daily, during the auction, the highest bid will be posted and updated online on the 1 of 1000 page. Upon completion of the auction, the winning bidder will be notified, and announced, upon completion of the transfer of funds. The winner’s photo will be published in a future issue of Muzzle Blasts along with an interview by Muzzle Blasts centered on why the winner was motivated to submit the winning bid.

Individuals can and do make a difference! The 1 of 1000 Endowment makes a real difference for the NMLRA. Join today and make your name and your contribution a part of NMLRA history forever. If you love the NMLRA, it’s just the right thing to do!